10-12 Metric Ton Excavator


  • Payload Capacity: 10-12 Metric Ton
  • Transport Weight: 39,000 lbs
  • Wetland Equipment Model #: 324-48-60-3B
  • Engine Info: Special Marine Grade 4” Wide Aluminum Amphibious Cleats bolted to 3 strands of 4” marsh buggy track chain and 2 track pads; then driven by automatic 2 speed hydraulic drive components via drive chain


  • Larger pontoons for extra flotation
  • Wider overall for stability in water and safety of operator
  • Extra-long track chain adjusters (life of chain adjusters)
  • Recessed chains and pads help keep mud and debris to a minimum
  • Welded construction for ease of transportation
  • Pillow block bearings mounted vertically @ each comer
  • Weights, speed, PSI, and measurements are approximate pending upgraded options