About Us

Since 1940

Wetland Equipment originated in the late 1940’s when amphibious machines were first being industrialized. Through the years, the company name and owners have changed, but the long history of fine craftsmanship remains the same. Over the years, our facility has grown from 1,500 to 35,000 square feet. Wetland Equipment has a historical role in the development of amphibious equipment and continues to be the world's leading amphibious equipment manufacturing company.

Our top 15 craftsmen have a combined work experience of 283 years building amphibious equipment. They have been producing quality equipment right here at our Thibodaux facility for over 58 years. Wetland Equipment is located in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Manufacturing the largest and most reliable Amphibious Machines on the market, Wetland Equipment is the number one choice for private companies, government contractors, and international job specifications. Some of the more popular applications for our equipment include: transportation of personnel or equipment across challenging terrain, dredging, clearing right of ways, improving drainage, swamp marsh or wet terrain construction, pond and river restoration, land reclamation, and pipeline work.

With equipment in over 30 different countries, Wetland Equipment provides the largest pontoon undercarriage with the most floatation and the safest working record in the industry. With patented features on all models, Wetland Equipment manufactures the most advanced amphibious machines available today. Fully engineered for custom projects, Wetland Equipment has not faced any job with specifications too difficult to manufacture. Each machine is carefully examined and specifically tailored to an individual job location, terrain, and workload. We can customize maintenance requirements that best fit your operators. All rental requests are forwarded to existing customers who subsequently rent our equipment.