Mini Amphibious Carriers

Navigate The Swamp

Designed specifically for the navigation of boggy swamp environments in an efficient and easy way, mini swamp buggies, or mini amphibious carriers, are growing in popularity as the vehicle of choice for farming, construction, hunting, and navigation over thick mud, swampy waters, and a variety of terrains in between.

Get The Job Done.

Wetland Equipment's mini amphibious carriers are designed to navigate swamp-like environments efficiently. Mini amphibious carriers are a popular choice for farming, construction, hunting, and navigating through mud, swampy waters, and a wide variety of other challenging terrains. No matter your needs, Wetland Equipment has you covered with our fully customizable mini amphibious carriers.

Wetland Equipment will tailor your mini amphibious carrier, so they are practical and fit your specific requirements. Because they are tailored to your specific needs, our mini amphibious carriers will always be useful and worth the expense. You can have your carrier designed for specific jobs, the exact terrain it will be on, and the workload. This means each mini amphibious carrier is unique from any other amphibious carrier created and will surely fit all your needs.

Our mini amphibious carriers include floatation capabilities. This means you are getting more than just a machine that moves through the swamp. Each mini carrier has the stability to navigate through wet environments and have large pontoons. Even better, our pontoons are customizable. This gives the best balance and stability for your mini amphibious carrier. We create this extra stability by adding 20% more floatation to the pontoons.

If you are thinking of adding a mini amphibious carrier to your business, call Wetland Equipment today. We promise to offer you quality equipment.

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