Why Choose Wetland?

“Wetland Equipment Company is a specialized equipment manufacturer that will listen to your needs and fabricate a machine that will fulfill your requirements. Many machines are one-of-kind and they fully stand behind their warranty, often even beyond the warranty period. When speaking to the staff, you quickly realize that all members are familiar with the product, and will continue to give you that personal touch that results in complete satisfaction from the beginning of the design and purchase phase, and extend beyond the delivery and performance of the machinery.”

Richard Candeletti / Ocean Co Mosquito Commission Superintendent


Wetland Equipment Company is fully engineered to manufacture custom equipment to meet your company's needs. Specializing in design and fabrication, Wetland Equipment manufactures the absolute best amphibious excavatorsfloating excavators, and amphibious equipment in the market. Each new design is tested and proven with the latest software and engineering programs in the market. Wetland manufactures equipment for all industries.


Wetland Equipment Company provides on-site training and assistance with the assembly of new equipment. During assembly, technicians will train and instruct operators on the maintenance and operation of the equipment. Wetland provides manuals, parts lists, and disassembly packets for customers.


Wetland Equipment is strictly a manufacturing company. All rental requests are forwarded to previous Wetland customers that rent our equipment. Renting is not always the best option. Within 6 months of renting this type of specialty equipment, many contractors will have paid for the equipment without knowing it. If your projects last longer than 6 to 8 months we advise purchasing the amphibious machine. We work closely with contractors and help their rental business grow. We have customers renting our equipment all over the world so contact us if you’re interested in renting. We will find the right equipment for the job.


Wetland Equipment designed a patented feature called the knuckle bottom, which allows 360 turning. Wetland designed this to allow each machine to operate just like a land track machine. No need to use a boom and arm to turn or maneuver, with Wetland Equipment’s oversized drive system, turning is effortless and easy.

The Competition:

The competition uses a completely flat bottom, which pushes on the full length of the pontoon undercarriage. This causes stress to the pontoons as well and the excavator. These amphibious excavators need assistance from the boom and arm to turn. Only allowed to turn little by little this process takes a lot of time to complete as operators lose production. They also place small drive systems, which slow the machine and place large amounts of stress on gearboxes.

Track Chain Adjustment

Wetland Equipment designed a proven system for track chain adjustment. The push ram system is the easiest and safest way to adjust the track chain. Simply loosen 1 jam nut then adjust with the back nut. This process can be done from the top or bottom of the machine. This allows low downtime and easy maintenance checks for operators. We have a total of 36 inches of adjustment space. We use bearings, which allow the axels to rotate smoothly, which prevents friction and wear on the track chain. Check our Patents and Features page for more information and pictures.

The Competition:

The competition uses a complex adjustment system, which takes more downtime. They have 2 lock nuts and a manual push for the adjustments. Operators will need to be on a hard surface in order to adjust the track chain. The competition also uses bushings. The bushings or extremely cheap components, that create more heat and friction during the chain life.

Recessed Track

Wetland Equipment designed a recessed section in the amphibious undercarriage. This design prevents debris and obstructions from penetrating the pontoons and causing damage. Wetland designed channels, which allow only the track chain and wear pads to easily glide through. Over the years Wetland Equipment design has changed due to the many different terrain locations and customer needs. The recessed track system keeps the amphibious equipment as light as possible, which gives Wetland a high level of floatation in the market. Check our Patents and Features page for more information and pictures.

The competition:

The competition places a single flat channel across the length of the pontoons. These channels pick up thousands of pounds of debris and obstructions. The more debris that fills this area will also lower their level of floatation make operating more difficult. The competition also spaces the chain and cleats much further will allow more room for debris and obstructions. It has been proven these designs or outdated and inefficient.

Pontoon Size

One of the biggest advantages Wetland Equipment has over the competition is the size of the pontoons. Wetland engineers have taken the minimum amount of floatation need and added an additional 20% more floatation. Wetland Equipment has the only equipment that can float and travel at the same time. Wetland has designed each amphibious excavator to operate just like on land tracks and has taken out any limitations to the equipment. Check the Excavators and Carriers specifications sheet and see the sizes of our equipment.

The competition:

The competition has chosen to make these amphibious machines smaller. Using re-tracking pontoons and much narrow design, they lose the ability to float and work safely. The competition designs a much narrow base pontoon, which does not allow them to dig from the sides or travel from the position. This places strong limitations on the equipment and ultimately production.