Why the Marsh Buggy is a Must for the Transport of Workers and Equipment

If you often work on swampy ground, you know the challenges that this kind of terrain can carry when it comes to getting personnel and equipment where you need it to go. With boggy, often tricky to navigate ground in between your workers, their equipment and your worksite, a marsh buggy, or amphibious carrier, can provide the perfect alternative to other less effective methods, getting you where you need to go faster and with no fuss.

Marsh Buggies for Transporting Your Workforce
Everything is more difficult when working in a wetland. Getting people from A to B can become ten times more difficult when you introduce marshy terrain, and as any employer knows - if your workers are unable to get where they need to be, their work just isn't getting done. With productivity on site a huge problem, introducing a marsh buggy to the daily routine can offer improvements tenfold.

Designed to function at its best on wet, boggy land, marsh buggies can handle the load of carrying a workforce between sites with ease, with waterlogged areas proving no contest thanks to inbuilt floatation and additional stability. If a smooth ride is necessary to ensure your team get there in one piece, a marsh buggy can provide that.

Marsh Buggies for Equipment
It's not just people that need to get from A to B - a marsh buggy, especially those on the larger side, can provide the resource you need to move equipment from place to place without a hitch. With the largest Wetlands model capable of holding 40,000 lbs with enough space for all your requirements, there's little you can't transport using amphibious carrier technology.

Have a specific requirement for your marsh buggy? Wetland can work with you to create a custom buggy that matches your exact needs and specifications. Get in contact with us today to find out more.