Amphibious Carriers

Amphibious Excavators for Wet Terrains

Wetland Equipment is the top provider of quality amphibious equipment and accessories ranging from swamp buggies to excavators and more. Engineered specifically for use in swampy, marshy areas, amphibious excavators can float on the water as an additional safety and versatility feature. Used in the restoration and clearing out of wetlands as well as hauling valuable materials and working personnel, these amphibious vehicles make for quick work in even the most inhospitable and difficult of environments. 

Get The Job Done.

Wetland Equipment will design your very own amphibious carrier or marsh buggy fully customized and built with endless attachment possibilities. We can manufacture any size carrier powered by CAT, JOHN DEERE, DEUTZ, ISUZU, KUBOTA, CUMMINS, or DETROIT. Wetland Equipment designs the appropriate amphibious undercarriage that can transport on any terrain. Every amphibious carrier is carefully considered as to where and how it will be operated due to the many different payloads, mast lengths for drilling, terrain, dimensions of the equipment, auxiliary components, and personnel working on decks.

Marsh Buggies

Wetland Equipment designs fully customizable amphibious carriers or marsh buggies. These carriers are used to transport equipment and personnel to job sites safely. The undercarriages are designed perfectly for any terrain, location, and workload. To ensure the best service, Wetland Equipment creates a specification sheet for every machine to provide the payload and safety information for each amphibious carrier.

The unique undercarriages are a recessed track system, which keeps debris and obstructions from penetrating the Pontoons. What's more, Wetland Equipment can assemble any size carrier onto the amphibious undercarriage. The following are our four patented pontoons:

  • Knuckle Bottom: improves turning capabilities, tracking, and allows the machine to climb at 60 degrees inclines.
  • Pontoon Finish: provides the pontoon with a zinc coating and an armex primer. Any color scheme can be used.
  • Recessed track Technology: prevents chain jumping and keeps mud or debris from building up on the pontoon.
  • Push Ram Adjustment: improves the life of the track chain and pontoon.

The pontoons are customizable, providing clients with the best balance and stability. Wetland Equipment does this by adding 20% more floatation on the pontoons, which in turn allows crew members to work on the desks.

Wetland Equipment is dedicated to providing you with the best quality amphibious carriers. We have products in more than 30 countries worldwide, making us experienced in creating the best carriers for all your needs. Our goal at Wetland Equipment is to exceed your expectations. Call us today to discuss our amphibious carrier options.

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