Floating excavators

No matter how muddy, rocky, or uneven, the toughest terrain is no match for our Amphibious Undercarriage. That’s why Wetland Equipment is your premier destination for floating excavators.

We have satisfied customers using our products in 30 countries across the globe. Safe and efficient, our powerful machinery supersedes other excavators on the market.

floating excavator



Balance is the name of the game. Our experts carefully select the excavator that will supply the lowest possible ground pressure and allow you to turn and climb in the machine easily. Each excavator has its own customized patented pontoon, which provides the highest level of flotation.

The lightweight, yet forceful Amphibious Excavator is capable of dredging, remediating, clearing right of ways, and other transportive means.


From Caterpillar to Hyundai to Volvo, we can mount any size or brand excavators. For the pontoons, we use specialized designs and technology to boost the machine’s advantages.

With the Recessed Pontoon Track, we eliminated chain jumping and debris build-up. Our Knuckle Bottom is capable of climbing 60-degree inclines and does not cause damage when entering and exiting in waterways. We also designed the Push Ram Adjustment that continuously adjusts the chain so it lasts as long as possible.

Each pontoon is sand-blasted, coated with zinc, primed with armex, and topped with a Poly coat, giving it the ability to complement virtually any color scheme.

At Wetland Equipment Co., we manufacture 100 percent amphibious equipment with advanced reach, bucket sizes, and hydraulic capabilities. Our floating excavators can transport through environmentally sensitive landscapes and rugged terrain. Call us today to visit our facility.