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Wet and swampy terrain can make any job much more difficult, and when transporting personnel and heavy equipment, the problems only multiply. This can grind productivity to a standstill, or present safety hazards that put your crew at risk. When you have a tough job that needs to get done without delay, a swamp buggy may be the only way to go. 

Our swamp buggies are powered by engines from globally recognized manufacturers such as IsuzuCumminsCATDetriot, and John Deere. When you purchase a swamp buggy from us, you can guarantee that it will be completely customized to suit your needs. That includes elements such as the vehicle payload, dimensions of the equipment which will be used, personnel using the vehicle, and mast lengths for drilling.

Unique Advantages
of Swamp Buggies

Made for Any Job

The best swamp buggies are built to take all kinds of jobs, whether you want to transport personal, bring your workshop to the site of your choice, or move heavy equipment from point A to point B. Your swamp buggy will be based on your requirements - everything from fittings for auxiliary components to the amphibious underbelly will be designed to your specific needs. Zinc-coated pontoons can help in deep water, while recessed track technology will keep debris and mud from collecting. There is even an option to add a knuckle bottom, allowing your amphibious carrier to climb at a sixty-degree angle. The swamp buggies we have for sale are built to your needs, complete with a detailed spec sheet that will let you earn everything you need to know.

Built to Last

Since a swamp buggy needs to stand up to such difficult conditions, it’s important that it is made to last. That means the ability to handle a heavy workload, over long periods of time, in the toughest conditions imaginable. This is made possible with durable undercarriages made to stand up to all kinds of terrain, as well as heavy-duty pontoons, and thick treads that can crawl through thick mud without getting clogged. Add it all together and you have a machine made to get the job done.

Quality Counts

There’s a reason why our swamp buggies are so well trusted, and that’s because they are made with the quality needed to handle anything the most swampy, marshy terrain can throw at them. Our swamp buggies offer a recessed track system which can help to avoid obstructions of the pontoon. There is a range of features you will find in our swamp buggies that provide several advantages. They include; a knuckle bottom, that can enhance turning and tracking; push ram adjustment, to extend the life of the track chain; recessed track technology, to prevent debris from causing obstructions; and pontoon finish with zinc coating and armex primer. We put care and attention into each of our machines, to ensure that they will serve your needs best.

Swamp Buggy For Sale

It isn't just a leading selection of swamp buggies utilizing the latest technology that you can rely on us for here at Wetland Equipment. We also pride ourselves on offering the very best customer service. We believe that our product and service are unrivaled anywhere in America. Why not put us to the test?

Any questions about our swamp buggy collection? If you could benefit from some expert advice, our friendly team is ready to provide you with guidance on the right kind of swamp buggy to suit your needs. Call us today to talk about your swamp buggy requirements.

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