Conveyor Chain

Amphibious Track
Conveyor Chain

A conveyor chain in an amphibious track chain that consists of a series of journal bearings that are bound to one another by linking plates. Each of the bearings has a bush so that the chain roller can revolve, and each also has a pin for holding it in place.

Types of Conveyor Chains

  1. Drop-Forged Conveyor Chains - these chains are also known as scraper chains and en-masse chains; they’re fitted with components that have been directly welded onto the chain’s links.
  2. Deep-Link Conveyor Chains - these chains possess deeper side plates that provide a continuous rolling edge above the roller periphery. The bearing pin of a deep-link conveyor chain can either be a hollow bearing pin or a solid bearing pin.
  3. Hollow-Bearing Pin Chain - this type of chain lets attachments bolt through the hollow roller bearing pin. Attachments can be “free” or fastened tightly as required.
  4. Solid-Bearing Pin Chain - this type of chain is suited for the most demanding conveyor chain applications because it’s more robust than a solid bearing pin while still possessing the same dimensions.
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It is important for conveyor chains to be marine-grade quality if they’re going to be used on and in water. We carry a wide variety of conveyor chains, and we are able to upgrade your existing equipment as well. Our conveyor chains and cleats are made from the most robust and durable materials in the industry so as to provide the best ratio of floatation and traction. Our conveyor chain attachments have seen great use in the biomass, cement, and recycling industries. 

Components are able to be customized and shipped as needed. Contact our team to speak with our parts department and get the conveyor chains you need to get even the toughest jobs done right! 

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