Amphibious Excavators

Get The Job Done.

At Wetland Equipment, we are dedicated to providing customers with amphibious excavators that won't disappoint. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and surpass other amphibious machines' limitations, ensuring that you get top-quality machines for all your jobs. Wetland Equipment amphibious machines are working on more than 30 countries worldwide. Whether you need an excavator for dredging, remediation, pond cleaning, or other means of transportation, our amphibious excavators are ready for the job. Because of their lightweight, low-ground pressure, and incredible turning ability, our excavators work well in areas where surface damage is prohibited.

Along with top-of-the-line excavators, we custom design the pontoons for each excavator to provide you with the best balance and stability. In doing this, we create the highest floatation level for the amphibious excavator. Our Patented pontoon features work for all of Wetland Equipment's amphibious excavators. We have four customized options for your amphibious machine:

  • Knuckle Bottom: This enhances turning, improves tracking, and gives the amphibious excavator the ability to climb 60-degree inclines.
  • Pontoon Finish: Each pontoon is sandblasted, sprayed with a zinc coating, and an armex primer. It is then finished with a poly coat.
  • Recessed Track Technology: Our well-designed tracks prevent large debris from penetrating the pontoons and keeps the track cleats from bending.
  • Rush Ram Adjustments: This enhances the longevity of the track chain and pontoon.

Wetland Equipment's amphibious excavators are great for any job site. Call us today to discuss all of our excavator options. With our ability to customize, our amphibious excavators will work for any job you have in mind.

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