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Amphibious Excavators

Amphibious Excavators for Wet Terrains

Wetland Equipment is the top provider of quality amphibious equipment and accessories ranging from swamp buggies to excavators and more. Engineered specifically for use in swampy, marshy areas, amphibious excavators can float on the water as an additional safety and versatility feature. Used in the restoration and clearing out of wetlands as well as hauling valuable materials and working personnel, these amphibious vehicles make for quick work in even the most inhospitable and difficult of environments. 

Get The Job Done.

At Wetland Equipment, we’re committed to delivering our customers the best amphibious excavators for sale in the industry today. We exceed our customers’ expectations by providing wetland excavators and swamp buggies that are equipped with the right tools for each job. Our excavators easily surpass the competition, which is why you’ll find our machines in more than 30 different countries worldwide. Whether you need an amphibious excavator for draining, remediation, dredging, pond cleaning, or just as a means of transportation across unfriendly terrain, we have the right equipment for even the toughest jobs. Our wetland excavators are lightweight, have incredible turning radius, and have low-ground pressure, making them ideal for areas where surface damage is prohibited or otherwise unwanted. 

On top of our top-rated amphibious excavators, we design each machine’s pontoons uniquely to provide customers with machines that possess peerless stability and balance. By putting in this extra detail, Wetland Equipment is able to create wetland excavators for sale with the highest flotation levels possible. Our patented pontoon features are available across all of our amphibious excavation machines. 

There are four customized options available for your swamp buggy: 

Pontoon Finish: each pontoon is sandblasted before being sprayed with a zinc coating and an armex primer. They’re finished off with a poly coat for extra protection. 

Recessed Track Technology: our carefully engineered amphibious excavator tracks prevent large debris from puncturing the pontoons and prevents the track cleats from being bent. 

Knuckle Bottom: designed to enhance your swamp buggy’s turning, improve its tracking, and better its ability to traverse steep inclines up to 60 degrees. 

Rush Ram Adjustments: this feature enhances the longevity of the track chain and pontoon. 

The Best Amphibious Excavators for Sale Today

Generations of thought and engineering have gone into Wetland Equipment’s amphibious excavator options and attachments (like winches) to make them perfect for any job, big or small. If you're interested in purchasing the best swamp buggies available on the market today, then reach out to our knowledgeable staff in order to learn more about our customization options. 

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