Seismic Drill Buggies

Custom, Any Terrain Buggy

Wetland Equipment has 15 craftsmen who have 283 years of work experience building amphibious carriers. Located in Thibodaux, Louisiana, Wetland Equipment has been manufacturing the most reliable amphibious machines for over 58 years. We are the number one choice for private companies, government contractors, and international job specifications. No matter the terrain or workload, Wetland Equipment can design a customizable carrier that is sure to get the job done.

Get The Job Done.

Wetland Equipment's seismic drill buggies carriers operate using hydraulics on the amphibious carriers, and they are made from durable aluminum or steel. Wetland Equipment works closely with customers during the design and manufacturing process, so each seismic drill buggy is tailored to your exact needs. Because they are completely customizable, our seismic drill buggies are well worth the expense. You can design a seismic drill buggy for your specific jobs, the terrain you will be on, and the workload.

Here at Wetland Equipment, we can make a variety of seismic drills, such as shot hole drilling or explosive drilling, plasma sound source or sparker rigs, seismic vibrator rigs, and boomer source rigs. When manufacturing your seismic drill buggy, we take your payloads, the mast lengths for drilling, the terrain, the dimensions of the equipment, auxiliary components, and personal working on the decks into account.

Each seismic drill buggy comes equipped with one of our patented pontoons. Our four patents include the following:

  • Knuckle bottom
  • Pontoon finish
  • Recessed track technology
  • Push ram adjustments

If you need a seismic drill buggy for your job site, call Wetland Equipment today to discuss your options. Let us help you complete those tough jobs.

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