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Get the job done right with swamp equipment

Here at Wetland Equipment, our goal is to surpass other swamp machines and exceed your expectations. With swamp equipment working in more than 30 countries and the largest pontoon undercarriage, Wetland Equipment holds the industry's safest working record. We offer customers patented features on all swamp equipment models. Because of our ability to customize our swamp equipment, Wetland Equipment can make machines fit your desired specifications. All of our swamp equipment is tailored to the individual job location, terrain, and workload.

The patented pontoon features all Wetland Equipment to design swamp equipment that will work for even the toughest terrain. We offer customers four options for all equipment:

Knuckle Bottom: This design allows for optimal turning, improves tracking, and gives the swamp equipment the ability to climb 60-degree inclines.

Recessed Track Technology: This technology is incorporated into the undercarriage of the swamp equipment. It prevents debris from permeating the pontoon. Our innovative track technology keeps the equipment as light as possible by removing mud and debris buildup, which improves the level of floatation.

Rush Ram Adjustments: Wetland equipment created a proven system for track chain adjustments. This is the easiest and safest way to adjust the track chain and can be adjusted from the top or bottom of the swamp equipment. Our system allows for easy maintenance checks for the operator.

Pontoon Finish: After customizing your swamp Equipment's pontoon size, we sandblast, spray with a zinc coating, and an armex primer. To finish off your pontoon, we apply a poly coat.

Swamp Equipment For Sale

Wetland Equipment's swamp equipment will work for any job site. With our ability to customize, all of our swamp equipment will work for any job you have in mind. Call Wetland equipment today to discuss all your options.

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