Excavator Attachments

The U-Ditcher

Manufactured by Wetland Equipment, the U-Ditcher is designed for de-watering, ditch digging, mosquito control, drainage, ditch maintenance, and water flow. Attached to the bucket point on an excavator, the U-Ditcher is powered by a 175hp auxiliary engine mounted behind the counterweight. This auxiliary package allows the U-Ditcher to spin at 1800 rpm, throwing debris over 80ft. With a built-in reverse and grease lines the U-Ditcher is manufactured for quick and easy maintenance.

The U-Ditcher attachment can fit any brand excavator that is able to support the auxiliary package and weight of the attachment. Available U-Ditcher sizes include 16" 22" and 36". Contact our Sales Department for more information about the U Ditcher.

Other Attachments

We offer the following types of attachments for our equipment:

Our amphibious ditchers are the most efficient in the field. Since the application of pesticides has all but been eliminated, environmentalists have come to rely on ditching methods to remove or reroute stagnant water that harbors mosquito larvae.

Our 36" ditches typically are powered by, a dedicated 150 HP engine that is totally enclosed. Proper alarms both visual and audible are provided and located inside the operator cab.

Wetland's amphibious ditcher attachments will cut a 'U' shaped ditch deeper than three feet, and as wide as required. Typical performance if cutting a new ditch in a marsh or soft ground, an operator can average 2,000 feet of new ditch per day. Cleaning old ditches takes less time. In either case, the ditcher attachment will distribute spoil through an adjustable chute as much as 70 feet away. Ponds are just as easy to clean out.
Ditchers can be mounted on any brand of amphibious excavator. We also offer 16" and 22" inch wide ditchers for smaller excavator packages.

Excavator Attachments
By Wetland

Are you looking for quality excavator attachments for your unit? If so, Wetland Equipment Company has the equipment to help you efficiently and effectively complete your job. We offer reliable excavator attachments and expert product selection guidance to ensure you have the right equipment for your project.

Our focus is on customer satisfaction, and with our years of experience in manufacturing custom equipment, you can trust us to meet your company’s needs. Our top-quality attachments ensure your excavator is more than a tool carrier as they save time, money, and deliver more power.

We have a wide inventory of attachments, including U-Ditchers, V-Ditchers, and Winches, to ensure you can meet different challenges in recycling applications, on demolition job sites, and in the mines or quarries.

Since these tasks require powerful and robust tools that can’t be handled with an excavator and a bucket alone, we manufacture durable attachment tools to complete tasks in most applications. Our attachment tools are not only versatile and powerful but also get your job done faster with the same set of machines.

Each attachment tool is built and designed for maximum performance and safety by maximizing the power and efficiency of your excavator. They deliver the most productivity, no matter the scope of the project.

As a leading equipment company, we manufacture attachment tools that offer superior value throughout your equipment ownership and experience. Our technicians train and instruct you on the maintenance and operation of your attachment tools to increase efficiency while minimizing repairs.

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