Amphibious Ditchers

What is an Amphibious Ditcher? 

A ditcher is a machine that digs ditches, usually by piling up dirt in a bank along its side. This is accomplished by a conveyor belt system that has been fine-tuned to operate at the same pace as the digging so as to create an easily-managed row of dirt along with a uniformly smooth trench. Though they have taken many forms and shapes throughout history, ditchers serve one purpose: to save mankind its back muscles by leveraging the mechanical strength of machines.

What are Ditchers Used For? 

Ditchers have been used in history for many decades and have had many sources of energy. From being literally man-powered to animals to the fuels we use today, ditchers found their place wherever trenching and excavating needed to be done. Naturally, the agricultural and construction industries have utilized and pioneered ditcher technology for their respective fields. With the outbreak of modernized warfare in the 20th century, ditchers were put to work carving trenches into even the most clay-packed earth to keep soldiers safe. With the advent of modern machining, ditchers have never been more reliable or more efficient in their craft and can be found all around the world in just as many different shapes and sizes depending on the industry’s needs. 

Ditcher Attachments
for Amphibious Excavators

If you are in search of a top-quality amphibious ditcher for your next job site, you’ve come to the right place. At Wetland Equipment, we offer a variety of top-notch ditcher equipment. Whatever the job at hand, our machines will get it done.

We offer rental opportunities that are fully customizable based on the job description and equipment needed. Ditchers are vital to the success of many construction jobs, as they are often necessary for de-watering, ditch digging, mosquito control, drainage, ditch maintenance, water flow, and more.

Our ditchers and amphibious excavators are the leading standards in the industry. Each piece of equipment we offer is regularly and thoroughly inspected by our expert technicians and quality-assured.

The Benefits of an Amphibious Ditcher

Unfortunately, many ditchers can perform spectacularly but cannot handle the rugged, swampy turf of the south. That’s where the amphibious ditcher comes into play. This unique excavation machine is ideal for removing areas of stagnant water via changing the landscape so that reservoirs for disease and mosquitoes can be purged from the environment. Environmentally-friendly businesses are especially fond of amphibious ditchers because they allow for the job to get done while not relying on pesticides or other chemicals that do long-lasting damage to the environment. 

Industry-Leading Technology

Our machines are designed and built with patented technology that makes sure that each piece of equipment is top-quality and unrivaled in performance and effectiveness. The masterfully designed ditchers within our lineup combine functionality with consideration for wetland environments by utilizing advanced climbing, driving, and digging technology that minimizes damage to the surrounding ground and banks of a job site.

Many of our patented designs also feature technology that reduces mud buildup, keeping the machine as light and buoyant as possible. In fact, our products achieve the highest level of floatation on the market.

With a wide range of options to choose from, and the ability to customize any project, you are guaranteed to find the ditcher equipment that suits your project best.

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