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Current Stock

If you are looking for a quick turnaround, below is our currently stocked equipment. 
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New Amphibious 
Undercarriage (18-20 ton)

  • Completely NEW Unpainted (Painted to customer color choice) Amphibious Undercarriage designed for a 18-20 metric ton excavator, Standard Reach, Long Reach or Superlong Reach.
  • Customer provides excavator to our facilities we will mount at no additional charge.
  • Can be modifies to fit any brand of excavator

List price $189,000

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20-Ton Excavator 
Refurbished Pontoons

  • Completely Refurbished pontoons
  • Designed for a 20-ton excavator
  • New Components Included: track chains, cleats, sprockets, bushings, paint, gearboxes, and motors.
  • Used Components: Steel and guide pads.
  • Adapter ring to fit your excavator is included.
  • If you send me an excavator, we will mount at no additional charge 

Pontoons are:

  • Year 1998
  • Model 38460603B0001
  • Size Over All: 34’ L x 18’0” W x 12’6” H
  • One pontoon Over All: 34’ x 6’ x 5’6”

 List Price $165,000