Mini Excavator

What is a Mini Excavator?

Miniature excavators are general pieces of construction equipment that can be found on many worksites thanks to their high level of productivity and ability to replace human labor. Their smaller sizes make them particularly handy around homes or on the ground that can be too soft for heavier equipment. Mini excavators can be used for plowing, landscaping, digging, demolition work, and more!

Mini excavators run on diesel fuel, and they have a wide assortment of attachments available depending on the needs of the job. Thanks to their smaller size, they are far more maneuverable while being able to move like a skid steer. It’s also a lot easier to transport a mini excavator from site to site. 

What Are the Types of Mini Excavators?

Tail Swing Mini Excavators

These are the typical mini excavators that are found on job sites. It’s called a tail swing because it keeps a counterweight on the rear end of the excavator to balance against the heavier bucket and arm, especially when it’s loaded with excavated material. 

Thanks to this counterweight, there are greater lifting capabilities possible, which equals greater arm and bucket breakout force. Tail swing mini excavators also have more room in their cabs, allowing the operator a bit more breathing space and comfort while operating the machine. 

However, there is a downside. Tail Swing mini excavators utilizing a tail swing can make for more awkward movers in especially tight areas since the counterweight stands out so much. 

Zero Tail Swing Mini Excavators

These miniature excavators can get into even tighter spaces than their tail swing counterparts. Therefore, zero tail swing mini excavators have the most practical applications in urban areas. Though they still use a counterweight placed over the rear of the excavator, there is no “tail” that stands out. The counterweight on a zero tail mini excavator rotates inside of the track widths, making it simpler to operate alongside walls. 

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