Mini Swamp Buggies

It's in the name

Wetland Equipment designed mini swamp buggies for more maneuverability and versatility. Our mini swamp buggies are perfect for first-time users, and have simple controls, making them easy to manage.

This swamp buggy is small in stature, as its 'mini' name suggests. Not only does this provide more maneuverability in tight spots and more versatility when it comes to transporting the buggy itself, but it also ensures that this buggy is the perfect size for solo or couple travel without a hitch. The small stature of the mini swamp buggy makes it

We've Got You Covered.

Wetland Equipment tailors your mini swamp buggy, so your equipment is perfect for whatever job you have in mind. They are practical machines and can be adapted in many ways to fit your requirements and purpose. We can tailor your mini swamp buggy for the job location, terrain, and workload. This means you can have multiple mini swamp buggies tailored for each job.

Along with customizing your mini swamp buggy, we also include top-of-the-line floatation. By adding floatation, you are getting something more than just a machine that moves over mud and swamp. Our floatation devices are entirely customizable and offer the best stability in wet environments. The large pontoons included have extra floatation and patented features to improve the productivity of your machine. Our four patented features include:

  1. The Knuckle Bottom allows for effective turning, improves the tracking, and allows the mini swamp buggy to climb 60-degree inclines.
  2. The Recessed Track Technology keeps debris from infiltrating the pontoon. This keeps your equipment lightweight and improves the level of floatation.
  3. The Rush Ram Adjustments is our best system for track chain adjustments, and it is the safest way to adjust your track chain. With this system, changes can be made from the top or bottom of the mini swamp buggy.
  4. Our Pontoon Finish is the final step to polishing off your mini swamp buggy. Wetland Equipment will sandblast, spray with a zinc coating, and add an armex primer to the pontoon. The last step is to apply a poly coat.

If you are looking for a mini swamp buggy for your company or job site, call us today to discuss all your needs and job requirements. We can offer you a machine that will deliver. Our mini swamp buggies are sure to be the most effective and efficient when it comes to completing your jobs.

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