5A Model Mini Amphibious Carrier

The team at Wetland Equipment will make a custom amphibious excavator for the exact needs for your company with many options for attachments and upgrades. The 5A Model range of excavators start with patented construction that allows Wetland Equipment to offer equipment that outperforms the others. The pontoons offered by Wetland Equipment are built wider, giving you more stability and a higher level of safety. Our pontoons feature reinforced bottoms for mastering any terrain. Recessed chains and pads assist in the reduction of side movement and keep jumping tracks to a minimum while preventing mud and debris from affecting the pontoons. Whatever your needs, land or water, rest assured that our 5A Model amphibious excavator will deliver the performance you need.

Wetland Equipment will design your very own amphibious carrier or marsh buggy fully customized and built with endless attachment possibilities. We can manufacture any size carrier.


Payload Capacity

5,000 lbs

Amphibious Buggy Weight

14,500 lbs

Wetland Equipment Model #

(5A) 240-48-36-2C

Engine Info:
Special Marine Grade Aluminum Amphibious Cleats 3” wide bolted to 2 rows of 3” track chain driven by roller chain and excavators drive components


Large pontoons for extra flotation

Wider overall for stability in water and safety of operator

Extra-long track chain adjusters (life of chain adjusters)

Welded construction for ease of transportation

Pillow block bearings mounted vertically @ each corner

Can be modified to fit your needs for your current job and future jobs

Measurements are approximate pending upgraded options

All our pontoons are built with patented features to reduce downtime and improve productivity to keep machines working longer. These patents keep costs down for the equipment owner and he can pass the savings to his customer.

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