Can Excavators Go in Water?

Can Excavators Go in Water?

Amphibious Excavator

In the world of construction and excavation, the versatility of heavy machinery is essential. It's not uncommon for excavators to be seen on various terrain, executing different tasks with precision and effectiveness. However, here's a question that often arises: can excavators go in water? The simple answer is, it depends on the type of excavator. 

Wetland Equipment dredges deeper into this intriguing topic and explores the possibilities, limitations, and the perfect solution for aquatic construction: amphibious excavators.

Do Regular Excavators Work in Water?

The typical excavators we encounter in the majority of construction sites are not designed to work submerged in water. These machines, whether crawler, mini, or large hydraulic excavators, are built to operate on solid ground. Regular excavators can withstand some contact with water, such as operating in a light drizzle or being cleaned with a water hose, but immersing them in deep water can lead to substantial mechanical and electrical issues.

Potential Problems

There are numerous risks associated with attempting to use a regular excavator in water. Firstly, there's the risk of hydraulic fluid leakage which can contaminate the water, causing serious environmental harm. Secondly, the electrical systems in regular excavators are not waterproof, which means water ingress could lead to system failures, electrocution risks, and expensive repair bills. Lastly, excavators are not designed to float or be stable on water, increasing the chances of accidents and damage to the equipment.

Amphibious Excavators: The Ideal Solution

The limitations of regular excavators in water lead us to the ideal solution for wetland construction: amphibious excavators. These specialized machines are designed and built to function in challenging aquatic and wetland environments. Amphibious excavators, also known as marsh or swamp buggies, can operate on solid ground, swampy areas, and in water bodies.

These excavators come equipped with watertight pontoons and additional buoyancy materials that enable them to float. They have seal-protected hydraulic systems to prevent leakage and water ingress, and their undercarriage designs give them excellent stability on water. The advanced electrical systems in these machines are also protected from water damage, ensuring a seamless excavation operation in water environments.

Why Wetland Equipment?

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