Do Amphibious Excavators Float?

Do Amphibious Excavators Float?

Amphibious Excavator

When it comes to ditching in swampy water, there’s no lack of challenges. From muddy terrain to overhanging foliage, multiple issues can make progress slow and difficult. In areas that are particularly wet, where water has pooled and normal excavators are almost impossible to use, it’s time to bring in the amphibious excavators

Can excavators float? If they’re Wetland Equipment’s custom swamp buggies, they sure can! We use special technologies to install pontoons onto our wetland excavators so that they can safely operate in terrain that is otherwise impassable to similar machines. Our pontoon systems feature strategic reinforcement zones that prevent them from being punctured or otherwise damaged by unseen debris in muddy waters. An amphibious excavator can’t float if its buoyancy is compromised! 

Will an amphibious excavator tip over in the water? Not if it's been engineered properly. Like other machinery used for swampland dredging and construction, a careful balance is needed to ensure that it still has the mechanical muscle to do the heavy lifting demanded while not tipping over in the process. This means that it’s critical to trust the safety of your crew to only the best amphibious excavator manufacturer in the business: Wetland Equipment. Our floating swamp buggies keep operators stable and productive, customizable for any job in the harshest marshy conditions. 

Can amphibious transport buggies float? Of course! In fact, these are even easier to engineer since there isn’t a moment arm that causes leverage to take into account as an excavator would have. Wetland’s customizable marsh buggies are designed to handle the load of carrying a crew into and out of swampy worksites with ease. Waterlogged areas prove no problem thanks to superior traction from oversized tires and inbuilt flotation technologies. Equipment, labor, and more are easily moved through areas of shallow or moderate water. 

If you need something customized for your next ditching or excavation job, then you’ve found the right team to hook you up. Our floating amphibious excavators and swamp buggies are built around your must-haves and can traverse multiple types of terrain. To make sure that you have the right machines for your work, reach out to Wetland Equipment today via phone or email to learn about how we can solve your transportation and excavation difficulties with ease!