26-32 Metric Ton Amphibious Excavator

You can count on Wetland Equipment to create the fully-custom amphibious excavator tailored to the exact needs for your company due to our many upgrade and attachment options. Our range of 26-32 Metric Ton excavators start with patented construction that lets us give our customers a product like no other. The pontoons offered by Wetland Equipment are built wider, offering a more stable experience on water, and enhanced operator safety. This equipment has reinforced bottoms that gives them the ability to handle the roughest terrain. Recessed chains and pads assist in the reduction of side movement and keep jumping tracks to a minimum while preventing mud and debris from affecting the pontoons. If you require equipment for land or water, rest assured that our 26-32 Metric Ton amphibious excavator will provide the performance level


  • Payload Capacity: 26-32 Metric Ton
  • Transport Weight: 100,000 lbs
  • Wetland Equipment Model #: 420-72-72-4B
  • Engine Info: Special Marine Grade 4” Wide Aluminum Amphibious Cleats bolted to 4 strands of 4” marsh buggy track chain and 2 track pads; then driven by automatic 2 speed hydraulic drive components via drive chain


  • Larger pontoons for extra flotation
  • Wider overall for stability in water and safety of operator
  • Extra-long track chain adjusters (life of chain adjusters)
  • Recessed chains and pads help keep mud and debris to a minimum
  • 2 rows of 4” track chain (stronger, longer chain and wear bar life, less ground pressure)
  • Disassembles into 3 main pieces for ease of transport
  • Bolt together assembly (NEVER touch hydraulics)
  • Pillow block bearings mounted vertically @ each comer
  • Nine (9) compartments; four (4) watertight
  • Measurements are approximate pending upgraded options
  • All our pontoons are built with patented features to reduce down time and improve productivity to keep machine working longer. These patents keep cost down for the equipment owner.