Winch Attachments for Excavators


Wetland Equipment offers a diverse range of winches for all applications specifically designed to handle the heavy-duty work demanded of amphibious excavators. Winches lift and haul loads of all sizes in bucket wheel excavators, cranes, stackers, anchor systems, and more. 

Amphibious Excavator Winches

Tractor-Mounted Winches

Tractor-mounted winches are used for clearing timber with manual controls. Remote control for easy operation.

 Hydraulic Timber Winches

Hydraulic timber winches are engineered for large-diameter drums to accommodate long pulls. They don’t interfere with the operation of the excavator, and they’re easily controlled from the cab.


Recovery Winches

Recovery winches need to be dependable, so they’re engineered for many years of service. They’re typically mounted to the fronts of tractors and are valuable in boggy conditions where vehicles are frequently at risk of getting stuck. 

Hoist Winches

Hoist winches for amphibious excavators come in various lifting capacities. Compatible with quick couplers and able to tie into auxiliary circuits. 

Dual Winch Systems vs. Single Winch Systems

Wetland Equipment offers different styles of winch systems for amphibious excavators. No matter if you’re yarding, ditching, hoisting, or rescuing, something customized can be arranged for your specific operational needs. Camera systems, reinforced booms, controls, and more; call or email Wetland Equipment today to see what the best in the business can do to elevate your productivity. 

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